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Honda 2006 Rincon oil pump chain question

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Hello all, I am a newbie to Rincons and have some questions. A little background first. I am a very experienced mechanic with a well equipped shop, but work on motorcycles, so this automatic tranny in the Rincon is new to me. I do have a Honda shop manual and it seems relatively straightforward. I have a buddy's 2006 Rincon that has no oil pressure, so assuming that the chain broke or came off the oil pump. Looking through the manual, brings up a couple of questions.

1. Any special tools that are really necessary? The honda manual lists all kinds of special pullers and tools, but that is normal for Honda manuals, they show special tools for just about everything. I may buy a torque converter puller if it is not ridiculously expensive, but many have posted that a 3-jaw puller and hose clamp used carefully will pull the tc. Anything else???

2. Where on earth have you guys found the stupid M8X1.25 bolt needed to check oil pressure without buying it from Honda?

3. To replace the pump chain, the timing chain has to come off, which requires removing the top end. Between pulling the top end and the entire front of the engine, is it easier to just pull the entire engine and work on the bench, or is that a big enough PITA that you want to do it in-frame? The manual shows that it can all be done in-frame, but sometimes it is faster and easier to just pull the motor, is that the case with this repair?

4. How durable are these engines to being run without oil pressure? I'm not hearing any knocks or crazy noises, but this engine was run for quite some time while different people were trying to figure out why it was not moving.

Thanks for the info.

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