Tips for using knee braces?

Okay knee brace users, is there something I'm missing here? I just bought a pair of EVS RS-6 knee braces and tried them out for the first time....OUCH!!! I must not be doing something right, because these things hurt like hell. Supposedly, I've got the right size (my calf and thigh measured exactly in the middle of the large size category).

The problem is where the knee brace attaches to my thigh. My skin is getting pinched between the knee brace and my bike. Should I be wearing some kind of knee/thigh sock or what? The manual that came with them said not to wear anything underneath, but I can not possibly use them like this.


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I have the RS-6 braces also. The first time I wore mine I rubbed my knee raw. Now I always wear something between my skin and the brace. If the weather is cool I'll wear cycling tights. For hot weather I took a pair of my wifes ballet tights and cut the legs off and wear them under the braces. A pair of nylons would also work, just make sure they are black so you don't look like a fag. I think the trick is that whatever you wear under braces it should be a thin material that doesn't move around. This really works for me.


I have the RS6's also and I took a pair of my wifes stirrup pants or ballet tights and cut the knee portion out, just the area around the knee cap so I could bend my legs without the pants trying to ride down on me.

A 50 year old woods rider showed me this and it works great.


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Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try.

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