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95 kx 80

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About 3 months ago I moved my son from his ttr 90, up to a 1995 Kx 80. When I bought the bike it had some serious bottom end noise and was loosing compression. So I let him rid a little and then did a complete rebuild on the bike. Top and bottom end, powdercoating the frame and even the swingarm. Well after all this work his plastics still look like crap, I am trying to find him a black set but so far I am only trying and havent been successful. On top of that I cant find a black gas tank. Its coming up to Christmas and I was hoping to outfit him with all new plastics and graphics for Christmas. Any suggestions of where to find these? He went kawasaki green chrome frame and Black swingarm and a few other parts black. just so you know the colors. I also wonder if I could ever get any type of paint to hold up on the gas tank? My brother owns a paint and powdercoat shop, but doesnt understand the amount of abuse a dirt bike can take, since he has never rode before. I respect his reccomendations, but want someone with firsthand knowledge of how paint may hold up before I do it.

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