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Oregon URGENT OMRA REQUEST: Need letters of support before Friday morning!

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Got this in the Email, anything you can do will help further the trails.


I urgently need two, short, clean and thoughtful letters of support for two OMRA ATV Grants I must submit by Friday midday. The two grant requests are as follows:

1: Two bridges to reopen Blue Bus Trail: These two bridges would allow bypassing of the Old Toll Road in the Trask area and create a loop trail that would allow OHVs to remain out of fish-bearing streams. This allows the creation of new trail by the fish hatchery and helps reopen many of the classic Trask trails that are unused due to these crossings.

2: Building 4.5 miles of new trail on the East side of Hood River: This trail will allow reroutes of existing user trails currently on private lands and in danger of being closed, therefore closing all trails and loops in the immediate area. We must have this to allow riding the trails on Pinemont and Husky Road areas. This is also the first step in creating a large Hood River Loop down the road that will encompass the entire valley in a few years.

I am requesting you reply back to me only with one, separate letter of support for each project, so two emails total. As you may know writing grants is very tedious and time consuming, but wothwhile for our sport in the longrun and letters of support by users and organizations is absolutely integral for grant approval by the state ATV committee. If they don't see a need by users and user groups, it won't happen.

Please take the time to help me/us out here and send these letters of support. All I really need is a paragraph or two touching on thoughts such as:

* These projects are for real trail work - something that can actually be ridden, instead of law enforcement or administration

* These projects protect wildlife by rerouting around fish-bearing streams

* These projects provide opportunities for you and friends to get away from it all

* These projects allow for loop trails, instead of out-and-back trails

* These projects will allow for more family-oriented trails


-Tom Niemela


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