426f to 250f Questions.........

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I just bought a used Canadian 250f and have yet to get out on it. I have an 01 426 and wanted to have the 250f since I rode one recently and loved it. I have some questions though. I'm 6'2", 200lbs and I'm assuming that I'll need to upgrade the fork springs and shock spring. Any recommendations? How about stock 426 springs in the 250f?

Do any of you 250f owners run an 0-Ring chain or do you stay with a taffy stretcher so it doesn't robb power?

Where should I have the fork height set? Level with the top triple or the fork legs raised about a 1/4 in. like it is now?

Does a pipe make a monumental difference on the 250f's and if so, what are some recommendations?

Should I change the rear sprocket to a 49 or 50? (Stock is 48) I've heard many riders doing this and wanted to know if a tooth or two makes a big difference.

Any other recommendations would be oh so greatly appreciated. I just luv these Thumpers. :):D:D:D:D:D:D

this question would have been better suited in the 250F forum. that said:

i HIGHLY recommend the DID X-Ring chain. top quality. the stock one lasted one race for me.

fork height is a personal thing. depends on if you want better straight line stability or turning.

the Dr. D pipe is INCREDIBLE compared to stock. more hp everywhere.

49T or 50T with stock pipe, 48T or 49T with DrD pipe.

why not come look around the 250F forum. you didn't mention if you had a YZ or WR version.

Thanks, I should have said it was a YZ250f. Well, I guess I'm so use to the 426 forum since I have a 426 as well, but I will have to become familiar with the 250 forum. Thanks for your suggestions. I got to ride it for the first time today and I love this thing. A little more power with a pipe, some suspension mods, and I'm there. As Mel Brooks said, "It's Good To Be The King."


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