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help with a 93 cr125

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i know weve had this on a few threads but i need to ask for myself,

1. if your bike bogs bad and dies after a few seconds. is that a rich or lean condition?

2. if you ignition was faulty would that act the same as a rich condition?

3. if it is a rich condition which circut.

im lost on this one guys, ive been chasing this around for abit.

i have had good luck with the bike till just recently it seems as its got a mind of its own :lol:


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a little more info on the matter on the cr125

im assuming that from closed to 1/4 throttle is where the prob is. can keep it running any longer. it'll just just run a few seconds.

float adjusted 2 weeks ago at 16mm per the manual

mj 168


mid. position on a 1469 needle.

keihin carb 36mm venturi diameter

pro circut pipe

reason im askin , elec? is that the other day it just died out in the woods, got it home it had NO spaRK, I PULLED FLY WHEEL it was caked with mud inside FW. stator windings were loose could jiggle them around. so i put in a spare staror plate that i had. now its doing the above mentioned prob.

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Okay guys, I'm leaning towards having a faulty ignition, whether it's the stator or box idk. Is there a way to tell?

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