Someone explain this one to me...

While changing my bars this weekend, and doing everthing that goes along with the chore (grip removal and replacement, levers, light switch, decomp lever, kill switch, bark-busters, etc...) I noticed a wierd problem went I tried to start the bike to take it around the block. When I started to kick it over, I noticed that I was able to continuously kick it over without pulling the decomp lever. I was trying to find TDC and normally when I find it, I can't kick the lever down farther until I pull the decomp lever. After a while, 20 kicks or so, I finally started to get resistance when I kicked it.

After a few kicks, I checked to make sure the decomp lever (since I messed with it during the bar change out)was working properly, and not stuck open. It was fine. The only other thing I can think of was that during the grip replacement (throttle tube replacement) I kept giving full turns of the throttle to ensure that everything was working OK. I.E., no sticking throttle. After 20-30 turns of the throttle, I realized that I had left the gas turned on. Could this have caused the kicking and getting no resistance problem?

It was kind of nice to see what an O3 exhaust cam would feel like in my 99 WR400...But I'm glad everything seems normal now. Thought I was screwed for a while.



Your compression release is simply a flat spot on the shaft connected to the lever on the valve cover that opens one exhaust valve when you pull the cable. Maybe this lever/shaft assembly got pulled, and jammed this valve open???

You may (I doubt it)have had another valve stuck open for some other reason???

I think the cable "sheeth" popped out of one it's nest at either end and fell back in while your were kicking it over.


I doubt you flooded it with gas. :)

With the pumper carb, if I did flood it with gas while continually twisting my throttle (witht the gas on) should I worry about the gas that was dumped into the carb, and down into the motor reaching my oil resevoir. Thus thinning out my oil?

Yep, sufficient quantities of gas will wash the oil off the cylinder walls and could contribute to a loss of compression...and if enough was pumped into the thing it could have gotten to the sump, I'd change the oil....

Thanks, that's what I was worried about.

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