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Kasea 50 mini NO START!! 2 stroke help!!!

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Hello I recently picked up a 2002 Kasea 50 skyhawk mini. Didn't start when I bought it got it home shot a little carb cleaner in the carb while cranking and will run until it burns off the carb cleaner. I did get it to run for about 3 minutes one time. I do have spark and compression. Carb has been gone through twice,also swapped carb and plug out of a running Kasea 50 and still same results crank no fire unless fuel or carb cleaner is dumped in the carb while cranking.

I tried covering the carb inlet with a rag while cranking and it tries to start but wont stay running.

Fairly new to these little engines any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is it possible that the reeds are bad?

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Those quads have a vacuum actuated fuel cock, rather than a traditional on/off manual fuel cock to turn off the fuel.

You are not getting fuel to the carb.

Make sure the vacuum line from the carb to the fuel cock is in good condition. You may need a new fuel cock assembly you can find it at kasea parts . com for $20.

You can try to bypass the fuel cock and see if you get fuel to the carb before purchasing the item online.

The reason you got it to run by sealing of the air intake was because the carb got more vacuum and was able to actuate the fuel to the carb. I believe the rubber inside the fuel cock has hardened and so a greater than normal vacuum is required to actuate the fuel to the carb.

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