which feeler gauge

ok i think im going to expand my mechanical abilities to adjusting valves, but i see the only tool i need is the feeler gauge, so my question is what kind should i get, and do i need anything else like the valve spring compressors and stuff like that :D thanks guys i appreciate it :D:)

I just did mine for the first time.

If you choose only to adjust the lash you will not need to commpress the springs. If you need to adjust any you will have to pull your cams, I used a permanent marker to mark links on the timing chain and corresponding points on each sprocket so that it was easier to reassemble.

I used a real strong rare earth magnet to pull off each valve cap and get to the shims underneath, Be careful, they stick to the inside of the caps and I dropped one... If you intend on working on the seats or checking your springs you will need to compress the springs for disassembly. Use planty of "Engine Assembly" grease when you reinstall the cams and torque them properly before movement or you can score the bearing journals.

FYI 0.001" = 0.03937mm

Hope this helps, Good luck :)

Last I checked .001"=.0254mm.....

1mm = .03937"

.001" = .0254mm

You got it dave! :D


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