2001 yz426 bog off idle

On my pops 426 its got that bog off idle when you hammer down on it....how do you fix it...is it a jetting issue? Lean maybe?

First, you need to learn how to "roll" the throttle open, rather than snapping it like so many do on a two stroke. You shouldn't have to open it slowly, just smoothly, allowing the engine an opportunity to catch up. It should be reasonably responsive, but it won't ever tolerate the throttle being busted wide open from an idle unless you want to sacrifice the rest of its performance for that capability.

If it is not reasonably responsive, try adjusting the accelerator pump timing per the manual first, and if that still doesn't clear things up, try the BK Mod:


Thanks for the info

BK Mod helped mine quite a bit--give that a try as has been suggested.

question, is this on the stand or while riding? bikes behave differently under load.

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