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Ugly 1991 XK500 Hillclimber Project

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I just bought a 1991 KX500 to Hillclimb next summer. The bike runs good, it as an FMF pipe and im gonna put Vforce reeds in it, its bored out half way, FMF pipe and K&N filter. I have a copupple of questions about the bike though. It's freaking ulgy, is there any other plastics/ tank i can get to give the bike a more modern look? I looked into getting a Zip Tie take but thos are almost as bad as hestock tanks. Also I read that the 91 has really crappy suspension. I had the front professionaly redone, but what about the rear? Will a shock from a new KX500 fit on the bike? The silencer on the bike is like two feet long and really ugly, does anyone know where I could get a new shoter one? I'll post pictures of the bike when its finished

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