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Glove sizing - who's are big?

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I measure out at 9.5", so I am theoretically between med. (9) and large (10), but many brands of size large gloves still don't fit. Some brands are bigger than others - MSR comes to mind as having a generous cut (with all of their gear). I just bought two pairs of One Industries Drako Gloves, and they are no where near being a 10" glove - literally hurt my hand when I jammed them in. I had a small guy in my office (who's hand we measured at 8") try them and they fit perfect - so here is a "large" glove that actually fits a "small" hand. I can see cutting corners and running small to save a little $$ in manufacturing, but undersizing TWO sizes is ridiculous.

I don't have anywhere local to try these things on, so I rely on mail-order. What are some brands that reliably make gloves that actually fit the sizes printed on them?

Thanks - JayC

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