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Non-starting issue...

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Hey there people, I'm hoping you guys can help me narrow down this problem - here's the deal: I bought my DR a few months ago - a 2007 with about 12k miles. it ran pretty well but had sat for a bit and the idle was rough and it felt like the carb was in need of some TLC.


- I ordered a jet kit from Procycle - theirs not the Dyna kit - and a rebuild kit.

- I rebuilt the carb - basically just changing out the o-rings and checking float height (small adjustment ~<1mm)

- I disconnected the choke cable and installed the pull knob choke kit

- I installed the jet kit using the smaller main b/c I have the stock pipe

- I removed the side cover and replaced the air filter with a K&N (left the side cover off the box since I didn't want to cut yet)

- I primed the carb and it started right up, then i took it out for a ride and was happy - it rode great, idled and accelerated smoothly etc etc

then I immediately left town for the holiday and didn't come back till yesterday - approx 2 weeks.

I went to start up the bike with the choke engaged and it took maybe 5 or 6 'starts' (cranking maybe 8 sec with a break in between) before it caught (unusual), then it idled badly, like it was 'bogging' - like when a plug is fouled. I gave it some gas and then let it idle and it died.

then I looked at the petcock and saw that it was still set to 'Prime' - doh!

I had primed the carb after having it off the bike and then forgotten to reset it after test riding it!

so, figuring it was flooded, I pulled both plugs and turned the motor over a few times (note: the plugs were not wet and did not smell overly like gas), then put it all back and tried again.

if anything it was worse. I couldn't get it to start except maybe once every 15-20 'starts' and then it would die after just a few seconds. this was true with the choke either in or out.

I called Procycle and they said that the gas is probably bad - I told them the gas was only 2 weeks old and they said that's not usual - it sounds pretty unusual to ME tho... and I've been riding bikes for 20+ years.

so - I'm thinking I'll pull the carb again tonight and take a look - but I'd like to hear from some of you what you think the problem might be and what I might do next...



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Sounds like your low speed circuit is blocked/gummed up or set up incorrectly. Have you checked the pilot jet for blockage and pilot screw? I'd also check the choke to ensure it's working properly.

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well - the issue has been resolved and it's a bit embarrassing ... apparently over the course of the two weeks I was away the fuel had leaked out (since the petcock was set to 'Prime') and because it had evaporated by the time I came back I didn't put it together. :smirk:

so today, when I went to replace the gas I realized that

a. there was only a tiny amount of gas in the tank :banghead:

b. the vacuum line to the petcock was not connected!

between these two things - especially the former - no start.

so - thanks for all the advice, just another case of overlooking the obvious!

in my defense - there was gas in the tank before I left - really! - and it did seem likely that after doing all that work on the carb that it might be the culprit... anyway, I'm happy that it was easily resolved.

another important lesson here: don't work at night when you're tired,:) things always seem more simple in the light of day after a few cups of coffee!:cheers:

ps - sorry about the promiscuous use of the smilies - I really only just discovered them!:lol:

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I have never, ever, done that. No, really.................. :)

Thanks for fessin' up, sometimes it is the easy stuff; unfortunately it's usually the last place we look. :lol:

I like smilies, they substitute for eye contact and voice inflection; missing on the internet. :banghead:

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