riding pants opinions


I need a new set of MX pants and I'm hoping to stay under $100 (ideally around $80 or so). What do you guys recommend?


I bought my son Answer Edge pants and jersey. he has abused them and they are holding up well. Good quality product.


Check out MXSouth, they have a closeout on a bunch of brands. I just picked up a pair of Fox 360 pants for $100. Here's a link to the Fox stuff, http://www.mxsouth.com/fox/foxcotoc.htm There's some other stuff too, and their customer support is top notch from my experience.




98 YZ400F

Bob's also has a close-out section. I picked up at pair of Sinsalo SCD's for $80. Retail is $160.

When you get those new riding pants make sure you keep away from the header. I melted a hole in a new pair of Thor pants the second day I had them on putting my bike up on the stand!

Seems like I remember hearing or reading of a manufacture that had a special pant just for the four stroke. I have also attached a soft leather patch to mine in the past. Works well.

I bought the 2000 Oneal hardware pants, jersey, and gloves on closeout for $139 from Motosports Outlet last fall. It's the most comfortable gear I've had so far(especially the jersey). Seems to be lasting pretty good-I've been using it all year without any problems.


Thanks for the link to MX South. Baught two pairs of Fox 360's and a jersey for around $225.00. That's $75.00 cheaper than I could get at my local dealer with my 20% discount. Customer service was good too! Thanks again

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