wr 450 - top speed?

Does anyone know how fast their bike is?

I have not topped mine out yet, but I know it's plenty fast for me.You think they can do 100mph?(stock)

with 14/51 gearing i had mine going 89 MPH according to a gps. :)

I agree 88 mph on my Traitech with 14/50 gearing. :)

88 mph on a Trailtech also, stock gearing

When geared 16/49, my '01 426 easily reached 88 MPH according to my panoram so the engine of the 450f is probably able to reach higher speeds as my 426 could probably reach near 100 MPH with that 16 t front sprocket...

Just came from a desert rally, geared 15/50 and made 90mph (GPS) and still had 1/8 tthrotle turn to go.

94mph (down a dirt road) according to the GPS with 14/50 gearing.

93.5 with trailtech....stock gearing :)

Here is a link to work out gearing and speed

Gearing + Speed Link


This year on a dualsport ride though Nevada I got to 105mph.. I can remember racing all of my friends on a street section out of Belmont Nevada.. Out of numerous XR650's with power-up kits,a DRZ400,WR426f and a new 525exc geared way up only one bike could keep up with my WR450 with 15/50, that was a KTM640LC4. His GPS and my GPS read the same "105mph". I have a Garmin 12 and he has a Garmin 3. He never passed me and I was the fastest out of all of my friends... I feel bad for my friend Bob Osbourne, he'd just got his 525 and geared it really tall for the ride and still couldn't keep up with a stock WR with a pipe and one more tooth on the counter... :D

My jetting is stock and perfect.. WR timed... I've yet to loose any top speed race with a non-factory race bike. My friend Chris Blais has a HRC 650 that will go 115.... :)


98MPH with trail tech and my buddy pacing me in a brand new Monty Carlo SS. I need to do a little jetting because at that speed it hits what seems to be a rev limiter but I cut the gray wire. Stock gearing & jetting, air box lid removed, and PC pipe.

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