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Prototype mod to the DRC tail light kit complete

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A good buddy of mine helped me out with what I believe to be a possible issue to the design of the DRC tail light kit. Now this may just be a case only related to me, but was happening too much for me to not do something about.

First off, the DRC's original license plate mounting holes (two most opposite of each other) were not close to where I could mount my Arizona license plate. Not sure why or if some plates are smaller then our AZ ones...

But was forced to drill holes in my plates to align with the DRC ones. Lost three plates since I've owned this one. Also, mounting the plate (however you do it) allows the plate to vibrate, unfortunately creating stress at the mounting points... and eventually failure to the plate (ie cracks or breaking off)

We needed something still very solid, light weight and allowed to mount the plate with a full backing and utilizing four mounting holes for bolts/nuts/lock washers. My buddy Kyle measured out the entire DRC kit and went back to his company using his CAD software and came up with a simple yet, more effective design. The pictures show the original one (hammered after vibs ruined it) and the new one in place. There were a couple small descrepancies after the final bolt on that I addressed... removed the side tabs that were for the turn signals and re-used the black tabs that come the DRC kit. A second design, we will change the specs to deal with the clearance/width issue missed. All in all, the design change is 98% spot on and a world of difference in strength, simplicity and maintaining the look I liked about the DRC kit. The plate is fixed on superbly with four bolts and vibs are now near non-existent!

Again, this is the first prototype. May consider later to make the two small changes in the second one which should be an offical finalized version. Let me know what you all think. I have no idea if he can or would be allowed to make "more" of them... but I can maybe ask if there is a large interest per say and see what costs/time frames would be.

Original DRC kit on






New prototype kit




Test fit of it on. This is where I decided to remove the side tabs for the turn signals, due to clearance/distances. And reused the mounting tabs from the DRC kit. Although I will address this in the second final one if I do that





And everything buttoned up after making some of the fine tuning, nuts/bolts on, blue loctite...




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Couple people so far have some interest.

Gonna see what my buddy thinks if it could be something he could do in mass production per say.

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