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racerx 450 shootout

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just saw the racerx 450 shoot out


i like that they made a long video, and that they had Langston out there spinning laps. Lechien gave good reviews but i kinda called it that he'd pick the kawi since he's so used to them. one of the guys was crap, he just kept saying that this and that are good, not going very much into detail. Pingree did a good job explaining his experiences on each bike the best i feel. otherwise i think it was well done and the manufacturers are really close to each other now. i thought the honda deserved some more mention though, because i think there the only ones who actually care about quieting down the bikes. my pick would have actually been the Honda based on their reviews since i prefer 450 power that is "tame". just thought id share my useless thoughts :lol:

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