making a wr450 jump

how hard is it to get a wr450 to jump? I'm looking at getting a wr rather than a yz cause most of my riding is offroad and I also need the easy streetability because it will double as a supermoto. But I'd like to get a bike that I can take to the local mx track for some fun. I used to ride an rm 250 back in alberta and I'm not expecting it to be a competative mx bike but would like to get some crazy air without bottoming out every jump.

what do I need and how much would it cost?

thanks guys


Sneak up behind her , and slap her a**...that will make her jump. :D opps...thats my wife. sorry cant help you with the 450. :D :D :)

Twist your' wrist, get up off the seat, stay forward and I think you are there. If you are above 200#'s, you should consider buffing up the suspension a bit. I weigh 200#'s and I jump anything I care to. :)

.47 kg/mm fork springs, 5.4 kg shock spring and play with the rebound adjusters to control the heavier rates, I turned my high speed in 1 turn , 4clicks in on low speed on the shock.( from stock) After much adjustment could not get the fork to be compliant yet stiff on bottoming, so I put race tech delta valves in , left the mid valve stack alone and turned the diales for a few rides over my typical terrain until I got the front where I wanted it. The stock fork valving does not have enough high speed dampening for deep whoops, and dives under braking bumps. :D

Some people will disagree with the delta valves but if you have the patience, no local suspension tuner, and some feel for whats happening under you they work. My bike is not as off road plush as stock but I can hit obstacles with way more confidence as the stock suspension in my opinion was pretty wobly, liked to dive and bottomed pretty hard from more than 6 feet up. I weigh 200 lbs with my equipment, and rate myself as a novice mx . You may be hard pressed to find a suspension which is great in all situatuions you mention.The delta valves will help as they are high and low comp. adjustable so you can dial them in better than a single valve job from a supension tuner.Try the springs, oil height and stock adjusters first. Do the valving last. Good luck. :)

My antiquated :) 99WR spends 98% of it's time on the track and as I've said before, the single best mod you can do for your bike is have the suspension done by a professional. It will make you faster, less tired and safer when you ride.

The biggest to date is an 80' table top. I've also come up short on some 45' doubles and the suspension work soaked my my inability to ride and kept me on the bike vs. over the bars and on my head


as there are no YZs in my country Singapore (sucks rite), I race WR on motocross tracks everywhere (in malaysia cos theres no track in my country as well)..... I would say they jump just like the YZs........what i do is i turn the compression and rebound for the forks all the way in and back it out 3 turns on each of them........ the shocks will handle just fine


I think the YZ shocks and forks have different valve rates so turning up the compression and rebound dampening may just give you a harsh ride and still not jump as well. Best thing is to get your suspension redone for MX front and back. Happy sailing! :)

My WR 426 jumps just fine. You may need to play with the clickers a bit like I did so that the bike is balanced, and launches off the jump smoothly without trying to kick you over the bars, but even with the stock springs (I weigh 200#) I have to try pretty hard to bottom out on landing.

I am not a competetive MX racer by any means, but I am a certified adrenaliene junky, and I like a little air now and then. Trust me, your WR can handle it.

You may be just the guy I have to talk to ! :D

I am not a competetive MX racer by any means, but I am a certified adrenaliene junky, and I like a little air now and then.

I'm riding quite a bit a the local mx track and I feel I can have better suspension with the stock unit. I'm not very familiar with the adjustments.

I increase the rear spring preload by going to the minimum spring length from the manual, and tried a few combos of clickers but I can't tell if what I'm doing is ok. :D

Could you tell me what is the current clicker set up you are running front and back?

I'm a bit heavier than you, but short of changing the springs,I think I can get the most out of my present set up with proper setting.

Once this is achieved, if I want to raise the performance of my suspension I'll have two options, drop 40 pounds :D or have a pro work on the susp :). I think the pro will win :D

I know the best would be to have my suspension redone but,$$$ don't grow on trees.

My best years are behind me but I try to gorget it when I'm riding my blue bike. :D :D

I got to go now, I have to take my Advils right now so I will have a full boost on anti-inflammatory dose during my practice laps this afternoon :D :D :D

I started with the front, it was the worst. I felt it was pushing in the corners, and it gave me no confidence. I loosened both the compression and rebound two clicks from stock, that and put on an s-12. I am MUCH happier with the front now.

As for the rear, it would kick side to side a little in the whoops, and over jumps would tend to kick the ass end up in the air, causing me to land on the front wheel more times than I liked and almost sending me over the bars. I loosened the compression two clicks and 2/3 turn (hi and lo) and then I tightened the rebound up by two clicks (two clicks IN on the bottom clicker). Now the bike launches off jumps evenly, and predictably. I was able to hit jumps more aggresively right off the bat.

Good luck!

Thanks :)

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