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YZ 125 Rebuild

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Just finished my first summer of racing on an 06 YZ 125. Had a blast and am looking forward to next year! Wondering if a motor rebuild is necessary. Currently have 150 psi of cylinder compression. Is that acceptable? Also, when should engine bearings be replaced?

Thanks in advance.

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150psi isnt bad at all for a 125. But if your puting it away for the winter then i would throw a top end in just for insurance and also so its fresh for the spring:banana:

But thats all up to you, but i would do that just for the insurance.:lol:

As for engine bearings, how many hours are on the bike? And i that depends if your crank, or transmission has any play in it or not. But if everything is tight then i wouldnt worry about it. I've seen guys go over 200hrs+ on cranks. Or even top ends!!!

Only way your gona find if you need bearings or not is you got to open her up and see whats inside

thanks man and god bless


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