how do i get more power from my 01 yz426f

All of this would have been more helpful in the first post. I can agree, when on the street, it's nice to have a good amount of excess power. It can get you out of some situations.

I didn't make the OP.... Just interested because I also have a 426. It's got plenty of power to be fun, but you can always use a little more! :bonk:

There are a few things that can be done, all have tradeoffs.

Big bore kit would probably give the most satisfying results. However, durability and mileage will suffer.

You can increase compression, but still requires a piston kit and then you need race fuel.

You've already got the exhaust kit. Are you absolutely sure the jetting is spot on?

You can go with bigger cams but then you are trading low end grunt for high rpm power.

Increased airflow would be a good thing. Bigger carb, better air filter. But this route could be costly with rejetting/etc.

A dyno tuning session can yield great results, but only if your current setup has room for improvement.

The bottom line is that the modern 4 strokes are in a pretty high state of tune. You might be able to squeeze a few more ponies out of it, but none of the options are cheap.

I have 2 yz power investment you can make is a boysen quickshot fuel accelorator gives you a pretty noticable boost

I'd like to know more about the riders skill level, riding type, and current bike setup, I do a lot of work on my buddies bike's and most of the time when they think they need more power or a newer bike the best way to convince them otherwise is to simply trade bikes and beat them on their own ride, then humbly give it back to them and say "seems ok to me" if your goal is to improve lap times or be faster in the trails it's vary rare the answer is more power, nine times out of ten suspespension is the best investment, mess with gearing and on my 426 the thing that made it go faster through the trees was a flyweel weight. I'm not saying its for everyone (especially not supermoto) but odds are your only putting about 60% of your power to the ground. But hey what do I know? throw cams in it

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