Anyone have the misfortune..........

of getting 2 flat tires in 1 day :D? I've been back into this sport for almost 2 years now and never experienced a flat on the trail until yesterday. Half way thru an 8 mile loop I noticed my front rim was feeling the rocks more than normal so I stopped and checked the front tire and sure enough it was flat :D. Luckily there was a network of fire roads that the loop crosses and me and my buddies bailed on the loop and rode the fire roads back to the parking lot. I was so impressed with the fellow riders in the parking lot that were willing to go out of their way to help me out :D. One guy drove me to a service station in HIS pickup truck to where his buddy worked (who also rides) and he had an exrta heavy duty moose Super tube that he sold to me :D. The guy that drove me there changed the tube for me which I have done b-4 (but he was much faster at performing this task than me) and drove me back to the parking lot. I thanked the guy for his help, mounted the tire back on the ol WR ond it was back to the trails :D. We got a full loop in without any problems and decieded on a 3rd loop. Well 3/4 thru the loop it happened again :D. This time it was the back tire and again was blessed by the network of fire roads and proceeded back to the parking lot. At this time it was late so we ended up packing it up for the day. I find it very odd for 1 bike to get 2 flats and makes me wonder if maybe the trail might have been booby trapped (ie. tack board or something) :). Although I was bummed about the 2 flats, I was very impressed at the extent of which a fellow rider will go to help another and from now on I will be carrying an extra set of tubes :D Thanks for listening :D!

Smoke :D

I've never had two in one day, but you did mention that you were "feeling the rocks more than normal". Its easy to pinch a tube riding rocky terrain. Were your tyre pressures correct? When I got my WR, I had a couple of flats. Turned out my tyre gauge was about 3-4 psi out :D. No flats since I figured it out. :)

I think you just had a bad day.

Those heavy tubes are a great investment.

Chris, feeling the rocks was what caused me to check the front tire. I was feeling them becaouse it was already flat. When we removed the old tube we inflated it to discover it was a pin hole located right in the center of the tube not to the side which would indicate a pinch did not cause it. I can tell you that my psi was 18 front & 16 rear. I know that is alittle high but thought with higher pressure the rock would not have a chance to dent my rims seeing I ride alot of rocky trails. I guess that my be the reason :).

Smoke :D

Hey foursmoke,

I use the Moose heavy tubes and 18 psi front and 15 rear in the rocks. I have not had any trouble other than desert thorns which can take out both tires if you run upon them. I have never heard of that scenario yet. 2 flats in one day with proper air pressure and heavy duty tubes! Wow. Lucky you got your riding in and got help on the first one. At least you have little statistical chance of this happening to you again. :)

Indy, the tubes were stock rubber. the tube I used to replace the first flat was a moose super tube and then the rear went flat :). you are right though, It cannot happen again. nobody can have that bad of luck (I think) :D.

Smoke :D

You sure you werent riding your mountain bike ??

I have only ever had one flat, rear, and it took me a while to figure it was muddy as h&%*ç and the bike was sliding around all over the place.... the flat didn't help with the handling at all, but being a stupid newbie at the time........!!!! As I recall it cut my riding day short about 15 mins into my ride. I didnt have a spare on me or at home and hadnt been riding for a few weeks! :)

You sure you werent riding your mountain bike ??

I don't own a mountain bike! They are tooo much effort to ride :D and not as much fun as my WR :D.

Smoke :)

Agreed, but if i didnt mountainbike I'd have no friends!!! :) No-one rides around here for fear of getting fined...we are not supposed to ride in the forest but I never saw my WR make anywhere near as much mess as a logging tractor !! In the near future I will have a riding buddy who is coming back from Dubai...he has an XR400 so I'm going to be happy to roost him some!!! :D

A friend of mine had this happen to him two weeks ago and said it was due to hunters laying down "tack strips" along the single track near a hunters lodge on public lands in Vail (CO). Even worse was the 5.5 hour walk out he had to get to his truck. ...yeah, shouldn't have been solo! Anyway that made him a big believer in the heavey duty tubes.


I don't buy it...hunters are on our side more or less. They use the same trails as we do. They ride their ATV's on the 2-track and they hike the single-track, not to mention the negative impact it would have on game using these trails. He's trying to keep game in the areas he hunts not push them out due to injured hooves/feet. Also, he'd pierce his own feet and those of other hunters in his party or those of his dogs if he hunts with them. Doesn't make sense, I think you're barking up the wrong tree.


It turrs out the back tire was a pinch flat in the vicinity of one of the rim locks :). I have'nt removed the tires at all so it must of came from the factory like that but seems odd it took so long to cut through :D.

Smoke :D

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