New YZ450F too much?

I am going to go with the G2 Cam system with the highest cam number at 400 and a 15 T CS sproket...I will let everyone know how this works for me..I rode today, of course it being stock, and I was on one wheel all the way through 3rd gear..These 450's are a freak of nature! and I weigh 200lbs..and it still slings me around like a feather...This is why I am doing what ya'll have suggested and taming this beast down so I can re-learn how to correctly ride motocross..Thanks guys

Tuner and a FWW

My 426 with 13.5-1 compression ratio is not enough for me. Wanna trade? :lol:

Tuner and a FWW

Curious...what is FWW?

Since 250F are usually almost $1000 cheaper than a 450, you probably wouldn't lost too much if you were to sell/trade for one. Judging my your post, it seems to me that you are very uncomfortable with the amount of power this bike has, so rather than trying to dramatically de-tune, I think you could get on a bike much more suitable (and lighter) without taking too much of a hit.

Curious...what is FWW?

FWW= Fly Wheel Weight.... various weights.

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I'd say, go with the 15 tooth sprocket and the G2 throttle. You can try those two items ($160) for less than half the cost of a Vortex ignition ($350+). I'd install the sprocket/G2 and put in some seat time - 10 hours or more, and then see where you're at and if you still think it's too much.

IMO you should make a couple changes and spend some seat time before you go out selling/trading your bike. You said yourself that it's been a while since you've ridden..


Not sure that you will find a 15 tooth counter shaft sprocket, but a 14 would be a pretty decent change and cheap. Don't write off doing a mapping change, it could be just what you need. Is it not possible to take your bike to a shop and have them re-map it to a woods setting? I would think any shop with a tuner could do that for you for fairly cheap. If you need a spark arrestor at some point, the FMF Q4 is supposed to tame it down a little and smooth the power a bit.

I would put a fww on , and then see what you think. I did that to my 450 ( honda) and that made it much better ,100 bucks. The G2 would help too , if you think you need more then just the fww.

15's are available, but you won't like it. I have to agree that on the new 450, the simplest thing is to just borrow a tuner and mellow the thing out a little with a timing map.

My '10 is stock, accept for GYTR flywheel weight, and slip-on.

Those changes definitely DID NOT tone it down a lot, but did what I wanted. It's still a fire breather!

If ya want a de-tuned motor, I agree with you guys who say get the tuner.

The tuner should help alot. My brother had a 10 that was a bear to ride, he got a map off some site and it made the bike nice and manageable. I would go that route before any hasty decisions.

Good advice.

Personally in addition to having the softer map put in (stock Yamaha tuner) I would go with a slip on quiet exhaust with an insert to lower the sound and reduce the power. You would also be covered spark arrestor wise too.

I didn't read every post but heres your answer:

G2 throttle cam with 400 you can change it out later if you want. I switched back to stock shortly after (didn't really notice a big change)

Woods map uploaded in ECU (makes the biggest difference)

I also added a FMF q4 slip-on because I needed a spark arrester which changes power characteristics to a bit more rideable/usuable feel.

or if you want to spend the money injectioneering has a throttle body mod which takes out the bark and creates a smoother low end powerband (haven't done this yet)

Oh and leave the sprokets alone if anything put a 49/50 on the rear. You don't need to kill the power just change to be more user friendly for you

I'm interested to see how this situation ends up. Not sure if I read into it too much but the original post seems to me like this guy is totally overwhelmed by the bike. To me, even with a change in the mapping etc, it's still gonna be fast, it's a 450. Wasn't the 10/11 much more abrupt than the 2012 that the OP owns? I thought one of the 2012 changes was to mellow the powerband to make it smooth and manageable? If thats the case and he's still wanting to tune it 'WAY down' I just feel like it could be wasted money to mess with the bike when he could get plenty on a sell/trade-in and still come away with a new 250F. But it all depends just how much of handful the bike is, for him.

why dont u just change the gearing so it top outs at 120. huge front sprocket small rear sprocket.

why dont u just change the gearing so it top outs at 120. huge front sprocket small rear sprocket.

Wouldn't be easier just to never shift down past third? :lol:

GYTR tuner all the way! You can tame it down to "old mare" level. There are settings that will make it hard to even wheelie.

I was thinking the same thing.. A 15 tooth front sprocket is retarded.. DO NOT THAT.. You will kill it every 5 seconds..

Again.. Tuner, FWW, and a throttle cam

just get used to it.

they feel slow after a while.

you should try the kx450. much stronger!

just get used to it.

they feel slow after a while.

you should try the kx450. much stronger!

. . . or a KTM, they are also much stronger.

I am thinking of switching to a bike with more overall power than my 450f, since I need more than it can deliver . . . NOT!!!!!

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