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I will be buying a dirt bike in the near future but Im not sure on which model is right for me. I used to own a klx 300 when I was a younger but never really did any of the maintenance on it, but I did realize I needed something with alot more power. Also I am somewhat mechanically inclined.

What Im looking at now is either a crf450 or yz450f but Im unsure as to whether I can actually maintain and one of these because I dont have much experience with checking valves and replacing pistons/valves etc. So what I want to know is, is there really constant maintenance with these high performance fourstrokes?

I know 2 strokes are probably just as reliable as a four strokes but a heck of a lot easier to work on and maintain due to the simplicity of the engine, would a 2 stroke be a good place to start or suck it up and hop on board with a 4 stroke?


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Welcome to the forum!

Bike choice really depends on skills and type of riding.

There are two distinct types of "adult" bikes on the market;

- Trail/woods/enduro bikes

- Motocross bikes

In the world of trail/woods/enduro, there are a host of different configurations and styles. But if you plan on riding these types of terrain's, these are the right bikes to get. KTM is really the only mainstream company making a wide array of trail/woods/enduro bikes. The differences are pretty vast, everything from the motor to the chassis and suspension are slightly different. The most important things are the 18" wheel (more rubber) and the softer suspension.

In the world of motocross, the bikes are different then the trail/woods/enduro bikes. They've got a different motor, one designed for high RPM's and stiffer suspension designed to deal with the jumping. They also have a 19" wheel instead of the 18" which means the tire has less meat on it.

In terms of 4 stroke vs 2 stroke, that is a personal decision. 4 strokes are more difficult and expensive to maintain and they're more expensive to purchase initially. You can be a lot more lazy on a 4 stroke then a 2 stroke, so a lot of riders prefer them over the very aggressive 2 strokes.

So, if you plan on not track riding, 250 2 strokes are pretty much the way to roll. If you're gonna spend some time on the track and you wanna take the long road to learning how to be a better rider, then the 125 2 stroke is the best choice. Two strokes are considerably more reliable then 4 strokes because the only real maintenance you need to do on them over the short term is transmission fluid changes and cleaning the air filter. Some people have very good luck with 4 strokes and get 60 - 80 hours of riding in before they need work done. Others get 30 - 40 hours in, which is 1/2 the life. Most 2 strokes will do 60 - 80 hours without major service and when you DO that major service, its a simple piston replacement which takes 45 min/costs $150 USD and you can do that yourself easily.

450's are pretty gnarly machines for a beginner and I highly recommend NOT buying one. It will hinder your learning because they are heavy and difficult machines to maneuver. Plus they are beasts in the power range, its like learning how to first drive with a BMW M3 or something, just a power house and unlike when you first learn how to drive, when you first learn how to ride, you wanna pin it and trust me, you will run out of talent right as you crash! heh :)

Hope that helps a bit! :lol:

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Ive been looking for 250 2 strokes but they are few and far between, if i do find one its all FMX'd out with the seat shaved and fenders cut and I want nothing to do with a bike like that. The only bikes Ive been finding that are used and in good shape are crf/yzf/rm/kxf 250's and 450's and I want something with a little more snot that a 250 so Im pretty much left with the 450's unless I buy a new bike but Im not looking to spend 9 grand on a ktm 2 stroke.

I might just hold off until a good 250 2 stroke comes along because the cost of maintenance on a 450 4 stroke is a little overwhelming for me. Thanks for your input tye

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