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New Honda CR80

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A week or so ago I got my first dirtbike, a 2002 cr80 for $700. :lol:

I have found a lot of threads on this forum so I decided to join and be a member of the community myself, seems like there is a lot of knowledge around here.

Anyway, I have a few questions about the bike. It runs pretty well but there are a few things that seem wrong. I'm not sure if this is normal, but when releasing the clutch, it tends to not start catching until the lever is almost completely released, but its still harder to start/keep running when in gear and holding the clutch in. I have read a few things about notches in the clutch basket, and will probably take a look at that. But does this sound like characteristics of a clutch going bad?

Another thing is, it starts on the first kick and keeps running, but after riding for a bit, when putting it into neutral the idle just stops and dies if a little bit of gas isn't given constantly.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback available :)



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The clutch may be worn out. You'll have to take the clutch cover off and take a look to look for notching. I would mess around with the clutch adjustment, it may be out of whack? I'm not super familiar with the CR80, but if the carb should have an idle adjustment screw and you can bump that up so it will idle for a few minutes. Some will say they will have their bike set up so it will idle all day and not load up and others will say that their bike will die after a minute of no blips of the throttle. I have mine set up so it would idle for a few minutes. I'm sure others on here will have some input. Those are jut mine.

By the way, welcome to TT. There is a wealth of knowledge on here. If you have a question, there is a good chance it has been asked before. Just do a search, but if nothing comes up...new thread! hahaha

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