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Help With Top End Rebuild

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Hi guys,

I'v had my 08 RMZ250 now for a year now and as i don't know what "deep" maintenance has or hasn't been done on the bike, i'm going to rebuild the top end.

I'm happy changing piston, timing chain etc, but not 100% about removing valves.

I would like to put new valve seals in whilst its open.

I know just removing the valves are easy using a £30 tool, but will i need to re-seat and replace guides on them even if the valves are still good?

If so can i check if the valves are still good without removing them?

If It must be done (and out of interest) , how much will a shop charge for cleaning up the head, fitting guides, valves and re-seating valves?

Any help appreciated.

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if you change valve you have to do the seats...like chain and sproket, or cam chain and cam sproket (well at least you have to set the clearence after few hours).

I did on a rmz 450 after 200h of good maintanence, but 250 and 450 are different on use and rpm use.

I saw valve seats in "berillio".....very interesting, but high price.

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