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Rear shock leakage & removal

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Hi guys!

After refilling the rear shock's bladder with nitro, and taking my DR350SE for a couple of off road rides, I noticed some oil leakage on the shaft of the shock...

Now, could that be caused from excessive nitro pressure? Or things have to be replaced in there?

I am planning to remove it, and probably replace it with a shock I had on my DR250S.

Both manuals say that to remove the shock, you must first remove rear wheel, chain guide, swingarm etc etc...

Can it be done by simply removing the two bolts holding the shock, and the clamps on the reservoir?

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The seal is more then likely damaged inside the shock. It's really not that hard to replace and you can get replacement parts from Racetech. There are several guides on how to do a shock service. I doubt your nitrogen refresh had anything to do with it. Do you know how much PSI you put in? Should be 142psi, give or take.

As far as removal it's pretty straight forward and you don't have to remove the rear wheel. It's been a few months since I've done it, but it will slide out the bottom with some finesse.

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