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klx 110 blowing oil out crankcase vent

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My son’s klx110 blows oil out of the vent tube. I have read several posts about this and need to clarify…

1/ It is NOT after he dumps the bike on the side. I know this can happen but this is not the source of this problem

2/ I have drained and refilled (my measure) the crankcase oil

3/ the motor runs strong and will run with other KLX machines bike up and down the trails and roads. (I mention this because of comments about the rings possibly being worn… I would expect that this would have to be an extreme condition and thus the motor wouldn’t run well at all, which is not the case)

I am really at a loss on this one. Is there another vent somewhere that could be blocked? What else can possibly pressurize the crankcase enough to blow oil out the top vent? Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!


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There is a removable rubber flow restrictor inside that engine case vent tube .. It's about 1 inch so away from the end . They put it that piece on the side of the hose where it attaches to the motor ..

Is it missing ?

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