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Need help. 99 KLX300

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New here, but have read many threads over the years. I must say that this forum has been of great use for years without even having to post. I have more specific request/questions for this one.

I have just purchased a winter project. Bought ($200) a 99 KLX 300 that the owner tells me seized on him. Everything looks good on the bike...except for the engine :lol: (but that is ok, that is what I thought).

Took the top end off and looks like significant damage internally. Aluminum peeling back, valves bent, etc. Obviously has been run without oil in the engine. Cylinder is good, but don't know how much help that is at this point (besides being able to sell it possibly). Cracked the crankcase and less damage, but still some damage. So...I need a new top end (for sure) and probably new bottom. Crankcase may be salvageable...not sure yet. Basically I am looking for an engine...used. One question I had was what all engines will mount to the KLX300 frame. I wouldn't be opposed to putting a KX250 or something else simlilar, but I want to know what would fit and what would possibly be the pros/cons to possibly putting a different engine on the bike (if that is all I can find or is simply what is affordable).

Also if anyone has an engine for sale (reasonable price)...please let me know.

I look forward to the expert advice here. Thanks in advance. :)

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