new wr400 owner

i just thought i would say hello, im dave in the sunny:smirk: uk ive just swapped my 98 fireblade for a 99 wr400, it has the enduro wheels but is currently fitted with a supermoto set up(very nice).

ive had a good look through the forum and it has some great info(well done to all involved).

so far ive done the ac pump mod and the grey wire mod, valve clearances and it also has a yz cam with auto decompressor, sorted the wireing.

it now starts first kick hot or cold, and man what a hoot to ride,

i was out with the supermoto set up on today in the rain and cold slippery roads and its one of the best rides ive had in a good few years.

the fireblade would have just stayed at home in the garage till the sun came out.

but now come rain or shine i will be out sliding and wheeling around.

i will post some pics up when i get some good ones till then, great site.



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