What do you think of your 2008 YZ450F?

I have the opportunity to buy a 08YZ450F and I am curious as to how you guys feel about your bike. Good experience? Bad experience? I am coming off a klx300r so I am new to this class of bike and also want to know what you guys think of the other competitors in the 450 class. Ive always like yamahas and to my knowledge they are a good reliable bike.

What sort of things should I be looking for when I check this bike out? What are the weaknesses/ strong points about this bike?

I know you guys probably get asked these questions all the time but I would really appreciate your input.


From my pre-purchase research it seemed like the consensus on the 08 and 09 YZ450F was that it's one of the easiest to to ride and best handling 450F's of any year and make. I really like my 09.

I love my 08....put a rekluse in it and make sure your jetting and carb is rite and u will be good to go...no complaints here

I'm on my second '09 yz450f... literally. I bought the last one new in 2010 and rode it for 2 seasons, I just bought another '09 that has less than 4 hours on it. It's the first time I've ever done that, I had 7 Honda's before my last Yamaha and am very happy with the blue bikes (well, red/black/white ones actually).

The '08/'09 yz450f's give up about 5 hp from around 5000 to 8000 rpm with the stock "shorty" muffler, if you want an instant increase in power throw a slip-on at the bike.

I love my 07 runs great no problems, yamaha are very reliable. You cant go wrong with an 08, get the suspension done and you will be happy.

i'd rather my 2008 over this 2009 i'm riding now. both bikes were new when i purchased them, but prefer the '08

I loved my 2008, just upgraded to a 2011. Before I rode the new bike I thought the 08 was the best 450 I had ever ridden. I would highly recommend them.

Best bike I've ever owned. Very reliable, great power, handles great. No weaknesses that I've experienced.

I always think of it as a big-bore 250F in terms of feel and sure-footedness in stock form. Funny memory of bringing the 08 home and letting dad test ride it. He got off and said "that is one super powerful 250F" and then did not believe me it was a 450 because it didn't tire him out. He was like "no, get the 450 out, the new one, I want to see how it compares to your Athena bike."

I'm happy with my '08. Runs and rides perfect.

I love my 08. I ride in tight trails and have never found the need for a Rekluse. Just make sure your valves are in spec, get your jetting spot on, clean the air filter after each ride, and throw on a 51 tooth sprocket and heavier flywheel. It'll chug through first gear no problem.

Absolutely love my 08. Like stated before, It feels like a super powerful 250f. It handles so well and I never get tired. I plan on keeping mine for a while

Love my 08. Just wish I could get out and ride it more

Has anyone used it for desert? How does it pull with tall gearing? Sorry for the thread jack but I'm considering one myself as well :lol:

Has anyone used it for desert? How does it pull with tall gearing? Sorry for the thread jack but I'm considering one myself as well :lol:

I took mine out to the desert in Murphy, Idaho this summer and was very impressed how well it did with stock gearing; 13/49. Pulled great 1st-thru-3rd and actually made use of 5th on the longer runs.

If the majority of my riding was in the desert I'd probably stick with the 49 rear sprocket... maybe a 48, but since I ride mainly single-track/trails and mx I usually run a 50 or 51 rear. I also run a 9oz flywheel wieght which helps a lot with traction!

Hope this helps:thumbsup:

I love my 09! I know your looking for an 08 but they are pretty much the same.bike except the 09 got a new hub, and linkage and swingarm to fit the new linkage.

All.I did to my bike was put a Dr.d as system on it and its prefect. Its very torquey on the bottom now. Tons of snap!!! Pulls hard everywhere. Just add a pipe, and keep air filter clean and oil.changed then your good to go:thumbsup:

And like everyone else was saying adding a tooth or two on the rear sprocket will help with torque or flywheel weight as well.

Thanks man and god.bless


My 09 is soo easy to ride..i love the power delivery with my gyrt flywheel weight..50 tooth rear sprocket and FMF slip-on

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