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426 very weak spark

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Hi have an issue after washing and degreasing my bike. I started the bike up after letting it dry for a bit and it ran and sputter off. I have a very weak spark, You can't even see it, only if I kickover the bike and feel a very weak spark.

I checked all the connections with a ohm meter and found that the coil was out of spec, so bought a used one same results. So then I decided to do the coil on spark mod with a denson coil still very weak spark.

I also checked the stator and cdi box with ohm all with in specs.

I cleaned all the connections with electronics cleaner also.

I made sure the ground was good on the coil also.

Killswitch works also.

Also installed a new spark plug

So what gives? :foul:How many ground points are on this bike? maybe if clean them it will work?

Also the bike has both hotcams installed.

Any help will be appreciated thanks

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