'06 vs.'07 vs.'08 vs.'09 YZ 450: which do you prefer?

I got a 2009 yz450 had it for about a year, lots of hours on it the rear hub exploded once, other then that no problems. rotella oil.

Chain being to tight most likely caused the hub to explode.

i had my hub xplode, most likely it was ur sprocket bolts being to loose. I dont think they had nylon lock nuts on those. My 06 did the same. Chain was perfect.

Chain was perfect.

Does this chain look loose?


If you get an 06 I have 2 very minor complaints.

1. Be extra regular with your headstock servicing, the seal is crud.

2. the breather hose from the top of the head needs re-routing if you ride in water/mud/ sand (there's a link/thread on this forum about it in the stickies somewhere) (link?)

Otherwise, I love my 06.

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