2001 yz 426 needle seat! help!!!!!!

cant seem to get the needle seat out of this carb. any tips? the seat, o ring and float needle are all being replaced but i cant get it to budge.

If you look at the upper surface of the float bowl where the needle is, there should be a small Phillips head screw next to the seat. This retains the seat, and must be removed in order to remove the seat. If there is no such screw, your bike may have a later model carburetor that has a permanently pressed in need seat.

What are the first 5 characters of the numbers stamped on the side of the float bowl joint?

thanks for the reply, its an 01, not my bike but a friends, i got it out(retainer screw type FCR) ran a tap into it, clamped tap into vise, used soft blow hammer on bowl flange and it came right out. thanks for your reply!

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