Hay Bale Covers

Looking for a supplier of hay bale covers for motocross track use. Would like to have them imprinted but even plain ones would be fine. Anyone know of contacts for this!


you can go into fmf racing .com and they supply flags and bale covers. I own a track and i get some from them as well as fox racing. If you find anyplace else let me know to. thanks

Talk about a dream come true! The only thing better than owning a track would be living walking distance from one. Would either of you happen to be in Florida?


owning a track is not all roses.

the insurance and liability is killer.

so is the ulcer from when a kid gets hurt and a helicopter has to take them out.

track prep (water, blading, tilling....) can be a real time consuming job.

it has a lot of pluses, but just as many minuses as well.

Thats right i owned a mechanic company then i biult this track now thats all i do is groom it and build bigger jumps. A track is fun but very demanding i can't go anywhere because someone is allways riding. The insurance is not bad for riders. It only cost about 150.00 a month for a million dollar coverage. The big thing is we rent out bikes to ride on the track and costs a arm and a leg. Are track is in washington state.

SUn- Just wondering,,, Do you get many people trying to sue you for getting hurt on your track?

bjs- Which track do you own in Washington?


skyland raceway park in ritzville

Who do you use for insurance coverage? I have a private track I'd like to open up as a pratice track.


the series i race in is currently under a lawsuit from a kid getting hurt because he was riding in an area that was posted "Stay Out" and was mentioned to stay away from durning the riders meeting.

i don't own a track, but i know the local mx track owner pretty well. at the last race we had to helicopter a kid out. 2 others took amublance rides. everytime that happens, a track owner will worry about a lawsuit. that form that you sign will NOT stand up in court. you cannot sign away your rights. especially gross negilgence if that turns out to be the case.

The fact that you can be sued is allways there. If you own a track do not be a sole ownership. You have to create a corporation, even better have two one for a ownership corp and one for a operation corp. that way if you do get sued everything is ran through your operation corp and you can just bankrupt that one and open another the next day. You personally can not be touched in the lawsuit. I use the same guy that insures daytona and all the magor tracks in the country he's been doing this for twenty five years.

Yes, I agree, people are out to sue too much. Ride at your own risk, that's the way it is. There should be a "common sense" law. Forcing people to use common sense and when its obvious they were doing something stupid; throw the lawsuit out of court.

I do respect all you track owners because I'm sure you guys really do put up with a lot of BS.

spmichigan, what track do you own? Is it private? Just wondering because I live in Michigan too.



What a bunch of BS. You ride, you fall, you get hurt, it's your fault as the rider. Accidents happen....come on! I accept the risk of injury or death as part of what makes racing/riding a tough man thing. America is too sue happy...a sure clue that we have too many lawyers. I fell on ice at the Poconos Dec 26th '99, snapped my knee. OOPS! I should have looked better and not been on it. NO WAY would I sue them! Someone though would probably say...well, "they should have salted or something to get rid of the ice." perhaps...but thats my tough beans. I screwed up by riding on it. I ride, I suffer.

Is it any wonder insurance is so expensive?? What with all these lawsuits and all??


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The insurance companies are behind the lawsuits more that the victims. They see any accident as a debit. They need someone to cover it. That is why the coverage has to be so high. No insurance company is going to pay out a large life insurance policy, etc without atleast making sure someone else can't pay it for them. Unfortunately, it comes down to simple business. It SUCKS!!!!

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