2011 YZ450f Milkshake out of over flow

I was at the track saturday and when i took my bike off the stand i noticed a milky looking fluid on the stand. Upon inspection the fluid was coming out of what i believe is the crank case vent tube, the big one on the left side of the bike that air always blows out of. The fluid came out looking white but when it pooled on the ground it had a green shade and also smelt like gas. I have the ice stuff in the radiator which is blue so i cant see where the green is coming from. I have not pulled anything apart yet as i was busy yesterday. I would like everyones opinion i will probably pull it apart either tonight or tomorow.

Is there any of the water emulsion in the oil? If not, then the goo is simply condensation that gathered in the breather tube as the bike cooled off last time. Common this time of year.

my 06 250f did that alot. never had a problem

no there is nothing in the oil it seems fine but remember i said it smells like gas which is really throwing me off

The oil smells like gas because of the low ambient temperatures. The coolant may not ever be getting beyond 120 degrees in the current weather, and the fuel system compensates by running extra rich. Covering one radiator helps.

Search a thread by member Tech24 with the keyword "thermostat".

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