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1986 xl600r cdi

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I want to get a new cdi for my 86xl600 any aftermarket units? Will an XR unit work. the plugs are different i believe. What is a guy to do?

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XR600 unit will work,,any year,,just won't fit in the original rubber retainer,something for you to figure out.,Earlier models plugs are squarish,,later models are more rounded so you'll be wanting a set of the plugs to match whatever the newer CDI is you're using..,later model 250 ones will do as will 600 as will probably 400s,,all much the same in wiring colours and the plugs wiring configuration is the same

How do I attach the newer type plugs you may ask??::

Cut the leads and crimp on some connectors and attach whatever plugs are required by the newer CDI,,There's one wire in that lot that is probably a different colour on the plugs than the original, Study the wiring diagrams between the years and swap the different coloured lead around to whatever the original 86 one was..,,It's not a radical amount of rewiring and should be fairly obvious,,ie,,you don't need to change the actual plugs wiring configuration around..one wires a different colour,,note the originals wire colour and plug it into whatever that colour is on your new plug.

Actually I'll just check this on my 89,,stand by for another edit..

Nope,,pretty much right,,checked between the XL and the newer XR,,As above stands

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