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1972 Yamaha DT250 barn find project

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Well, yesterday I met up with a guy to buy a couple old dirt bikes. I followed him to this abandoned old house with a few sheds. One of the bikes was an original 1972 Yamaha DT250 with the original tires and 3066 original miles :banghead::). It had a new air filter and new fuel line and the carb was missing so I figure someone tried to get it running, took the carb apart, and lost it. The other bike was a 1998 RT 180 but thats for another post. I got the DT 250 home and the seat was junk. No foam and only a rotted half missing seat cover coated in duct tape so I tore everything off the pan and plan on replacing the foam and cover. When I got it back I started cleaning it up and noticed that the gas tank is like new inside, and in the petcock. I am not getting spark for whatever reason, all the lights are missing and so is the kill switch (key switch and key are there thank god). The intake has 2 threaded studs that you bolt the carb on and I didnt want to spend the cash for the DT carb so I found out that the Yamaha Blaster intake is a direct bolt on :lol: and with an adapter throttle cable top to eliminate the Tors thingy, I got that all functioning. So, my question to you guys is, what wires go where to give me spark? Can I rig up an extremely simple wiring system just to get spark to the plug so it will run? It has a points ignition so I figure it should be pretty simple. Please help!

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