$1 Bike to bike communication - Fry's Electronics

This is a post for anyone (especially in San Diego) that has a Fry's Electronics close to their house. I had been wanting a cheap helmet communication sys. for quite some time, and coincidentally, Fry's has all the parts on sale for $1 PER BIKE after rebate(including radio!!). So, here it goes. Right now, Fry's has 2-packs of Columbia FRS22 GMRS radios on sale from 39.99 down to 25.00 with a 25.00 rebate (or free in other words). Also, they have Coby CV-M15 hands-free earphone/microphone setups on sale from $12.99 down to $0.99. So, after the radio rebate, each communication system costs you $1.00! Now, you do need to use the PTT button on the radio itself to communicate (instead of VOX), but it does have a belt clip that can hold the system to your chest protector. It may not be a baja designs communication kit, but its a buck, and a really good way to introduce all of your buddies to in-helmet communication.

Also, I should mention that the Coby is INCREDIBLY easy to dissasemble down to the wires, so routing it through your pads shouldn't be hard.

We have Fry's right here in Central Texas....I'll check them out in the morning.


Steve Smith

Oh.. I wasn't aware there were Fry's outside of California. Post was edited accordingly. Thanks. :)

theres one here

<==== here

Now that's funny. :cry:

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