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Mikuni tm flat slide

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Hey all im in the process of doing a few mods to my xr650r I just got a big gun full exhaust and im looking at putting a carb on it I found a mikuni tm flat slide carb with a pumper does anyone know if it will fit and if so a starting point for jetting thanks

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Sean how hopped up is your XR?

If it's stockish a 22.5 to 25 pilot.

A 135-140 main will work.

you need a 50 or 55 pump nozzle probably a 50.

A y4 or y6 needle jet whichever is leaner.

A 9djy01 needle or similar

and a 1.2 air jet.

This will be close enough to start with,disconnect the pumper to get a starting point.


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