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DRZ400SM slight jetting issue at 5% throttle

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Hi All,

Forgive me for posting what's probably and easy fix, but I have not played with the stock Mikuni carb on a DRZ in a while, and I would like to dial in my 5% throttle issue.

Specs: 2007 DRZ400SM; with exact measured 3x3 airbox mod, K&N air filter, and a Yoshimura RS-2 full system. I purchased the Dynojet DRZSM specific jet kit, and installed per Stage 2 instructions.

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, and ride between sea level and 1000ft.

Dynojet Stage 2 installed with; 155 main, stock 22.5 pilot, DJ Needle with clip at 2nd to the top, and fuel screw turned 3.5 turns out.

Symptom: At 5% throttle or pretty much the first 1/8th of a turn, I would get some hesitation. This is less noticeable when the engine has little load, or at lower RPM. However, if I cruise at say middle load, or 5K RPM, and steady the throttle at 5%, the bike will be slightly jerky, and hesitate. At this point if I chop the throttle, I may get an occasional pop or two. Mid and full throttle has no issues (so I know my main jet is the correct size)

What I have tried: I know the DJ kit is not the best out there, but it's what I have, and frankly, this bike does not get ridden much. I originally had the fuel screw 2.75 turns out, as I thought reading through the instructions 3.5 turns out seems a bit too much (I assume it's to compensate for the stock pilot) At 2.75 turns out, the issue was much more pronounced. I've also removed the carb and checked all crevices for any tiny particles blocking flow, and cleaned it thoroughly. I have not tried any other clip positions other than 2nd from the top, but I do have a 25 pilot coming.

Should I just install the 25 pilot and dial back the fuel screw? Any other advice?

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To those interested, I installed the 25 pilot tonight, and set the fuel screw 2.75 turns out, and the bike runs good. I'm not really noticing the slight hesitation during 5% maintenance throttle.

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