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shock shim stack opinion

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Here is the deal, my rear shocks on the hybrid (02 KX 125-200 KDX) suuuucks.

I've already had a reputable suspension shop revalve and respring the fork (really made a hell of a difference )

So here is my question for the suspension gurus:

my main complain about it is the braking bump and accelerating bumps: they beat me to death to the point I have to really hang on for dear life

The wheel seems to be bouncing up and down and not track at all, get a lot of wheel spin (I'm convinced that's why I destroyed a brand new michelin S12 in 2 rides )

It seems ok on jumps, i don't bottom out anywhere, so I think the low speed compression and rebound is ok.

My shock is apart for now since I blew the seal on the last ride and I was thinking about trying something to make it more rideable. (riding on a blown shock is like having a pogo stick for a shock )

Anyway here is my original shim stack: it looks a little weird


thick washer

new...... old

-20.95 20.95

-21.95 22.95

-21.95 23.95

-22.93 21.95

-22.95 21.95

-23.95 23.98

-23.95 22.93

-23.98 23.98

-23.98 25.95

-25.95 20.95

-25.95 23.95

-27.95 25.95

-29.98 27.95

-33.95 29.98

-33.95 33.95

-33.95 33.95

-20.95 22.88

-22.88 33.95

-33.95 33.95

-33.95 33.95

-33.95 33.95

gold valve race tech

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-25.89 37.95

-37.95 37.95

-37.95 25.89

-33.95 37.95

-29.95 37.95

-27.95 22.95

-25.95 37.95

-23.95 33.95

-22.95 29.95

-17.95 27.95

-37.95 25.95

-37.95 23.95

-37.95 17.95

I'm also thinking about dropping the PSI from 170 to 140-150.




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what is your riding style? i would love to see pics of that bike. i'm interested in putting a kdx motor in a 125 chasis. anyway, what spring rates are you running? is this a type 1 gv, or a low-deflection piston?

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trail riding, I'm usually pretty aggressive (well I had to, it seems the slower i go the more beat up I get if that makes sense...)

I don't know what type gold valve it is, I assume it's a type 1, i'll snap some pics if that helps.

Spring rate is 4.9, I could use a lower rate but really can't afford one at this time. The sag # are within the recommended range though.

you can see pics there:


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