Leaky radiator fluid.

2006 yz 450 high comp piston, full exhaust, non oem top end gaskets.

Ofter a rebuild I have fluid coming out of the front cyclinder head flange. leaking a drop a second. very notciable. Everything is in spec of tightness. could my head gasket be blown some how. Its a tuck offraod gasket. ask and I can give u more details.

Check for a coolant leak at the joint between the head and the tube where radiator hose connects to the top end.

How did you do your cylinder head torque?

there is no leakage from the head gasket anwhere, it seems to still be coming from the front flange. Just put a OEM oring in the front top head cylinder head rad intake flange.

I did a 22 ft lb then a 180 degree turn on the bolts???

its a 14.1 comp piston???

I did a 22 ft lb then a 180 degree turn on the bolts???

That would be overtightened. You're supposed to pretorque to 22 ft/lb, then loosen the bolt and retorque to 14 ft/lb, THEN turn each bolt another 180 in 90 degree steps.



As far as the leak, if it persists from the outlet tube, inspect the socket the tube sits in as well as the tube and the O-ring for damage.

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