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Honda Cub Ez90 help!

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Anyone familiar with a 1991 Honda Cub Ez90 2 stroke 90cc auto clutch electric start bike?

I picked one up for cheap and now that I have a battery put in it I know why. The red light is on and won't go out (oil injection isn't working). After cleaning out the carb (fairly clean) and cleaning the gas tank and oil injection (still not working) I took the bike for a ride with premix. Rides great until I get in the 20 mph range and then I get a serious vibration from the engine. So bad that I don't want to push it and so I shut it down. Never owning a 2 stroke before I assume it's piston slap and in need of a new top end. According to the machine shop all that was required was a light hone and a set of new standard size rings. I put it all back together and it rides exactly the same as before the rebuild.

What could be causing the vibration?? Could it be in need of a lower end rebuild? With the oil injection not working properly could it have caused the lower end to go?

Thanks in advance

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