426 02 rod,cylinder,piston opinions

hello guys,sorry for my bad engish but i try!!

I have a problem.It is time to change the rod,cylinder and piston to my wr

and i am between

1)oem rod cylinder and piston

2)oem rod and replate cylinder to 97mm with wiseco or je piston

what do you prefer?std compression or 13.5?

i found millenium technologies and lukes racing.what do you think about them?

3)aftermarket rod(which one??) and replate cylinder

the bike has arrow exhaust,hotcams stage1 cams for yzf and all the free mods


If it was my bike, I would choose option #2, oem rod, replate cylinder, and wiseco piston.

BTW- Your english is better than my Greek!

pro-x rod,big bore kit from lukes racing with 13.5 compression if you go for it go big.:lol:

+1 on Luke's. He stands behind his work, and you will LOVE the 444 kit. As far as a rod, stay away from Vesrah. Put one in my 444, and it lasted 5.2 hours before it failed. Classic fatigue failure starting from a micro-crack int e rod. Called and e-mailed Vesrah asking about warranty, and never heard anything back from them.

thanks for the replies!I'd like to learn about millenium technologies

if anybody knows.they seem to know well their job

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