98 yz400f airbox lid

Is there such a thing?

No. In '98-'02 models, the YZF and WRf models used the same air box. Th eWR's had a lid on it, and the YZ's did not. If you can find a WR air box lid, you could put it on, but why?

When the bike gets very muddy and I pull the seat when pressure washing the bike. It would be nice to have a airbox cover to throw on it for washing. Just would make me feel better I guess. lol

The WR lid is made to stay in place while running, but it interferes with performance. What you need is an air filter wash cover like the ones available from Twin Air. The filter is removed and then a solid cover put in place over the filter seat for washing.

You can do like i do, and stuff rags in the air box holes and under the seat, to keep most of the water off of the filter. You usually have to clean the filter after you ride anyways.

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