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04 yz250f

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I had some wierd results on a 04 yz250f I was helping a friend with this past weekend. First off, the fork seals were leaking. So I took them apart, cleaned them and reasembled them. I had no manual for the fork oil capacity so I just bled the inner chamber and filled it just enough so that I could get the cap on. I bledd it a bit more and some fluid came out the side holes. So I figured OK. Then I reassembled the lower fork legs and filled them with the outer tube colapased and set the oil height at 100mm.

assembled the bike and torqued the tripleclams correctly.

tried them at the track and they were wayyy stiff. did some setting changes with the dampening and they started to get better.

I am wondering if I put too much oil in the inner and outers ? Te weight was 5wt bellray.

Alsohave a question on the rear shock, with the stiff forks, the guy was complaining about the rear bucking him pretty hard. So I checked the sag, Correct at 100 mm. and then set out to reduce the dampening a bit and pick up the rebound.

correct me if I am wrong here, the outer nut on the top of the shock is the low speed compression correct? the smaller flat screw in the middle is th high speed dampening . And the lower flat is the rebound.

After messing around with it, I found backing off the low speed compression and high sped, the shock was still stiff and rebounding badly. I adjusted the rebound and it seems made little or no difference.

My assumption is this, the shock has little or no oil, shock linkage or swingarm is binding. ??

Any ideas? Any comments. I am a bit new to this.



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Swingarm und linkage bearings have to be in good condition if you wanna do troubleshooting. Everything else is a waste of time.

Disassemble them and check.

Also the shock has to be serviced recently.

If the shock hasnt been serviced for longer time its more than likely that there is air inside the oil and the oil lost performance.

You cant make proper statements if those parts aren't in good condition.

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the nut on top shock is HI SPEED COMP and the flat screw is the LOW SPEED under the shock is the rebound.

on our model of yz the rebound is too much quick ,and the clicker work a little on this problem but if you have old oil the shock work very bad,much emulsion on it.

for the fork the oil level stock is 125 mm, you can try to pull out 25 mm but remember the oil level make more difference il the last 30% of fork travel,and not on the fist part

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