2000 YZ426F - Clutch

I have a 2000 YZ426 that I picked up last year for $1600. I have noticed when trying to start out in 1st gear, the clutch enguages with a jerking feeling like it is grabbing, not slipping in gear. I don't think this bike has ever had the motor tore into. Time for a new clutch kit? Any suggestions as to what brand/type? My brother and I mainly trail ride with the exception of the track a few times a year.

Does it seem to get better when you ride it a while?

Chances are the clutch outer hub is grooved. Depending upon how bad it is, you could file the grooves out and ride for a bit longer without any new parts.

Depending upon how hard you are on the clutch, the grooves will reappear and the hub will have to be replaced eventually.

If you are not heavy on the clutch and do not snap on and off the throttle, filing the hub could last for a while.

Up to you.

The bike is actually the opposite. The clutch feels good when I first start riding it. After 10 minutes, the problems start.

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