2010-12 engine reposition

Anyone else try these? I think I'm going to order the Dr.d kit as you can easily reverse the changes. I guess Dubach has been running them for quite some time now but didn't offer them because he didn't want to offend yamaha being their test rider.

Hey guys,

I am going to order the DrD kit and I'm getting my suspension revalved at enzo in the next couple weeks. I was wondering if any of you have tried the relocation kit with the enzo shock spacer installed? I was going to get the spacer but after reading the review about the pro-circuit link not working well with the kit I wondered if the spacer would have the same effect? I don't really understand how the link with the kit made the bike so nervous since it just lowers the back of the bike. Any info would be much appreciated!

Talk to Will at enzo, they have installed a few of the Dr.d kits on customer bikes so he knows what's working.

I finally got my kit installed , man what a HUGE difference this made ,bring on those ruts . Before you spend money on bling an eye candy do yourself a favor pick up the phone an order a kit. If i where a yamaha dealer no 450 would leave my showroom without them . nuf said.

Got my DrD kit today, going to install tomorrow, first ride on saturday, will post a report

I tested my kit again last weekend. It is a noticable difference and I love it. Definitely more confidence in the corners.

I have the light speed kit, and I can definitely tell a postitive difference. More front end traction. Used to hate seeing water on track/trail, front end wanted to slide or push even if i just hit slick spot. Now after spacers, way better almost non existent. I do wonder, has anyone compared the light speed kit to the dr. D kit back to back to see if the extra mm is extra beneficial or overkill?

Cable monkey Did you have the PC link in?

pretty much sealed the deal for me, gonna have to order a set i think, been following this thread since the start, good info fellas

no the pc link is on the shelf. sag is around 102 mm and the forks are 3mm from the top . I did have to modify my lite speed skid platte some to make it fit after the motor shift the brake peddle rub the skid plate , no biggy

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Ok so first ride today with the DrD kit, it definately makes a difference!

I tried it first with the PC linkage then with the stock Linkage, the stock is way better,

The bike is not as nervous at speed over choppy sections, It turns better and the rear for some reason slides with more control, on entrance and exit of corners,

The front does not 'bounce' and skip as before, bike seems more balanced, more planted

it sounds crazy that 2mm would make such a difference but it does,

I am going for a longer ride tomorrow to test some different settings, if i find anything different ill post it up

Is anyone using these kits riding on sandy/loamy tracks?

I just installed the Dr.D kit about 2 weeks ago after reading all the positives about them. Didn't think they would make that big of a difference but they did; on rough tracks only. If you ride smooth tracks, this kit will not make a difference. I never really noticed the bike having any turning problems and still don't. However, on the long fast straightaways with washboard bumps or smooth wet straightaways, the front end would dance a little. The relocation kit takes away this dancing and gives a little more positive feel.

One negative to this kit is for sand tracks or deep soft tracks though. We have one track that is mostly sand and I could haul through there before I installed the engine relocation kit. Now I am a little slower on that track because the front end does not ride high like it used to though. I probably need to either go faster, change suspension settings and/or reposition my body to compensate for this but have not tried it yet.

Overall, if I were a pro, I could install the stock engine mounts back on for the sand tracks as I feel more comfortable that way. I will keep the Dr.D kit on because the pros outweigh the cons. It is always a trade-off....with any bike!

Thanks for the feedback. I installed the kit last week and rode my local track Saturday but had a hard time knowing exactly what difference it had made since I had switched from a mx31(120) to mx51(110) rear and they ripped the track really deep. I did notice that the front end wasn't as nervous on the fast rough sections but the rear seemed to break loose really easily compared to before- that could easily be the less aggressive rear tire in combination with the deeper dirt. I also noticed that it didn't want to wheelie when accelerating hard like it did before but that could just be due to lack of traction. I agree with your assessment geshields. Maybe run a little more sag for the sand tracks.

If you didn't have to elongate the lower engine mount holes you may not have moved the engine as far as the DRD kit. While the stock bolt had some slop in the mount, when the engine was moved it would not fit. Perhaps your engine mount holes on the frame were larger or your bolt had a smaller diameter? I had to trim about 1.2-2mm? Obviously there is some slop in the stock configuration because the DRD kit uses the stock upper mounts.

That is great that you hade resouces to make your own. I didn't have a lathe to turn the collars, otherwise I would be spitting them out in my garage and selling them!

The forward mounts could be made by hand.

Your right. Brother only changed it 2mm like the lightspeed ones. Sorry for the error. Still worked great!

Quick review of the DRD Kit. Install was definitely more difficult than the video on Transworld. Count on at least 3x as long as Doug Dubach claims. That being said if I was to install another one I think I could do it in an hour. As for how it works, comming from a Vet Intermediate, it's definitely worth the money and the difficult install. I now have way more confidence in the front end, it feels more planted, and I can rail ruts like I never did before. Steering is more precise and the bike now steers easily into ruts. I would say the difference in handling between stock and having the kit installed is easily as great as the difference between the previous generation YZ450 and the current generation YZ450.

So what makes the DRD $50 more than the Lightspeed? I'm ready to pull the trigger on this but was just wondering if you guys think the DRD is worth the extra $50.

The DRD kit moves the engine farther and includes front motor mounts.

After asking about this 5 months ago I finally got the drd kit and have ridden with it. This kit is worth every penny. At first I didn't like it because it made the front end handling real heavy and I liked the light handling it has stock. But after a while I got used to it. The main thing I like about it is the front don't hop and skip anymore and there is more front end traction. on the down side it didn't help much with the wheeling. If you don't have this kit yet then buy it. It works

Good to see the original poster actually inject the good qualities of the stock engine position into account. It makes the bike super stable at speed but still light and flickable.

I don't want a heavier feel to the front so I think I'm going another route on weight transfer. I'm going to shift the weight bias forward by installing a titanium shock spring!

Not cheap but way cooler and lighter. :banghead:

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