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Photo Contest! Starting Gate

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1 Winner will recieve a free back window decal for thier pickup truck with the winning design on it! It is snowing where I live so I cant take the pic I need. My loss can be your gain. Plus we all want to see cool pics anyhow.

Rules: 1- No AMA or profesional race photos (due to copy rights, trademarks,

and the fact that I dont want any trouble from the big boys.)

2- The image must be very high quality and large.( better than 10 megapixels) Remember that it must look good when blown up to 65 inches wide. I am looking for a short wide pic right when the gate drops and the bikes just start roosting.

Do not include contact info in your posts. If you win I will send you a private message so I can get your shipping address(Yes shipping is also free).

Good luck to all. Cant wait to see the pics.contest ends dec 27:thumbsup:

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