got my dirt bike

also i bought some Yamalube....anyone else run that? its only $3 a bottle which i think is good.

Now it's a matter of whether you'll be able to sleep at nights.

I still have to pop my head into the garage before I depart to work each day, just for a quick look.

And yes, Yamalube is good stuff.

Way to go MotoMan,

If you're like me you will become even more consumed with motorcycles now. I can't hardly concentrate on other tasks...I'm consumed with visions of the front tire in the air, beautiful deep blue colors, and the sound of thunder...

Ride on brother! You did a good thing...let me know how the t2s work out I may get the same.


Yamalube is supposed to be very good, are you sure that it's the 4R stuff for only $3/bottle? If so, where are you getting it for that price?

on the bottle it says "YAMALUBE" then under that it says like 4-cycle engine oil


Non-Friction Modified

that the same stuff you get?

I have been usung the 20W-40 since I got my first YZF at the end of 97. I change the oil after every two riding hours and have never had an oil related failure (or any other failure for that matter). It is cheaper tahn the 4R and as long as you change it frequently, it is not an issue.


its final, i went in today and payed for my dirt bike. im having Tag T2 bars put on it. and a different graphics kit. i cant wait till i get it!


I have been unable to find yamalube around here. Even the Yamaha dealers don't carry it in my area (strange), so I've been using the Golden Spectro 20-50w synthetic blend oil. Can be had for $5-$6.50/qt here depending on where you go. I need to find a cheaper place to get it. There is an oil distribution warehouse near where I work where I can get Mobile synthetic oil for much cheaper than you can get it in the store, but I am trying to stick to motorcycle specific oil if I can. I have to check to see if they carry this type of oil too.

try for the Yamahalube. It's about $3.00/qt.

I run the 20-40 with frequent changes.


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